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Town of Sesslach

Whether you are in transit or plan to stay with us for a longer holiday period, here is a list of easily accessible sights, thermal baths, hiking areas and great cities:

Coburg (fortress, residence city) 16 km
Bamberg (world heritage) 35 km
Castle Tambach (zoo, hunting museum) 7 km
Coburg Golf Club, Castle Tambach 7 km
Gereuth with castle 10 km
Heldburg (fortress with castle museum) 14 km
Hassberge and the city of Ebern 14 km
Bad Colberg (thermal bath) 15 km
Kloster Banz (monastery) 19 km
Bad Rodach (thermal bath) 20 km
Bad Staffelstein (thermal bath) 23 km
Thuringian Forest 25 km
Vierzehnheiligen (Fourteen Saints church) 26 km
Königsberg i. Bay. 35 km
Kronach 45 km